New Single: “Mile High”!!!

While Brothers of Brass is known for our classic New Orleans brass-band stylings, lately our band leader, Khalil Simon, has been melding that sound with other genres, such as hip-hop. Those influences are highlighted on our brand new single Mile High and will be featured on our upcoming album, Trapadelics, which we will be dropping very soon!

“There’s a lot of bands out here, but there’s not really any diversity out here — or at least not any that’s represented well enough for Denver to be acknowledged for that, Denver is known for jam bands and EDM, and that’s about it. There’s not really a huge funk or jazz scene or hip-hop scene, or any of the things that I’m really used to, so that’s why I’m trying to bring that element to the city with my brass band, and by releasing ‘Mile High.'”

Khalil Simon
Brothers of Brass

Mile High is now streaming on all major platforms!!!

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